Thursday, February 12, 2009

Darwin Rocks

I love Darwin Day because it seems to bring out all the crazies.


Here is a great clip of Richard Dawkins talking about creationism (as usual it’s brilliant):

I completely agree with him and don't have any plans on raising Holden to follow a certain religion. I hope to teach him about a lot of different beliefs and then leave it as a personal decision for him to figure out on his own.

It's the least I can seeing as my mom gave me the same courtesy. :)


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  1. Darwin does rock, and Dawkins is spot on.

    You cant justify faith over Evidence! That is ignorance of the highest order.

    My own children can make up there own mind about religion. My mother is christian but she has never pushed it on to me or my sisters. She has left it up to us to make our own minds up.


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