Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brain missing, no reward offered.

I’m having one of those days where my whole body is tired and everything seems like it’s wrapped in gauze.

It’s a small price to pay for having such a good time last night, but damn. You know how drunkenness just sneaks up on you sometimes?

Yeah, well I was flat out ambushed and now I’m freggin exhausted.

I usually don't get drunk when I drink (just buzzed), but we went to a strip club to celebrate our friend Russell's birthday and well...I just couldn't help myself.

One of my friends asked the cocktail waitress for something fruity and she made her a drink with vodka, lemon puckers, and sprite. I don’t know if it has an actual name, but it was super tasty and is pretty much my favorite drink for now. :)

We also decided that all the gifts should be sex related and had a ton of fun with it. I got these penis straws for everyone and they were a huge hit (Ryan wouldn’t use one though cause he thought the veins were creepy lol).

The blow up pig took the cake though. :)

We also got him some raunchy playing cards (of course) but I think they were the reject ones or something. hahaha

I’m gonna partly blame the liquor, but it took us forever to figure out that bottom one isn’t another penis. I find it extremely creepy.

So that's it, just drunken adventures and hangovers.

I'm not even going to attempt to blog, let alone think, about anything that requires too much brain power. In fact, I'm pretty sure my brain rolled under the desk a while ago and I'm just too lazy to pick it up.



  1. I could only dream of having a Birthday that cool.

  2. Why do I get the impression you're mocking me? lol


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