Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello and Goodbye

What a nice moment to wake up to a new president.

There is not too much for me to say except I’m super jealous of all the people in Washington right now. Lucky bastards.

I missed the speech, but I did catch President Obama walking former President Bush out. What a moment.


Adios. Can't say I'll miss ya.

When I did watch President Obama’s (wow I like typing that) speech, I thought it was lovely.

Just lovely.

In celebration of Obama, I found this site Obamicon Me.

They take any photo and...


...Ta Dah!


Go make one. You know you want to. :)

They have a gallery as well. Some are pretty awesome.


I love how the WMD one is empty. lol


  1. Im going straight to that website!! that is so cool, i was looking on on Amazon they have them Obama posters for sail, i was tempted to get one!

  2. I think I might print some out and frame them. lol

  3. I was considering going to D.C. but ultimately decided I didn't feel like standing around for 15+ hours in 15 degree weather just to see him speak on a jumbotron.

    And not to sound sadistic (but with just a little schadenfreude), how great was it to see Dick Cheney (Darth Vader himself) being wheeled into the sunset? I like to think he was crushed by his own evil. Anyway, bye George.

  4. I love how like no one clapped for Cheney. lol


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