Monday, January 19, 2009

The Shoulders of Giants

I just watched a two hour special about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. on the History channel.

It was moving to say the least and it had a profound way of making me feel insignificant.

Even though I am a firm believer in equality for all, I am also cynical of any changes I can make on a personal level when compared to a world of oppression and indifference. I am so moved when learning about the way people are treated and then crushed when I realize it’s a bigger issue than I can ever hope to change.

It’s in those moments I can understand the idea that ignorance is bliss.

But I want to try harder. I’ve been meaning to find a cause I’m passionate about for so long, that it stopped being a plan and simply melded into the static back round of my life.

So that’s it, just pensive thoughts about a time when we didn’t stand on the shoulders of giants, but walked among them. ;)

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