Saturday, January 17, 2009

Monotonous Monotony

I am totally peeved right now. As some of you may know, Sundance it going on in Utah right now.

Now generally I could care less. In fact, I have never even been to park city or any of the ski resorts in the two years I’ve lived here. Main reason, I am not into snow sports. There is not anything remotely attractive about the idea of being in freezing weather while hurting myself repeatedly for “sport.” No thanks.

(While there are a few places I want to eat at or watch shows at, my car would die trying to go up that big ass mountain.)


My friend Kramer has tickets to see some sort of Animation Spotlight compilation of films for today in a downtown theater. Unfortunately, it stated at 12:30 so I’m obviously not there.

The reason, my boyfriend “forgot.” Yeah that’s it. He took his brother home this morning (last night was the first time we ever drank with him and it was quite funny) so he and his father could go car shopping. Ryan decided to go with them, and the rest is…well me sitting at home brooding and trying to think of devious ways to get back at him.

I am super pissed. I’m not even a crazy Animation fan; I’m just upset at my boyfriend’s thoughtlessness.


Might as well pick up some books I have on hold. (I know, I just can't stop myself.)

And for need of a good laugh, here's a picture I found on photobucket:


hahahaha...You're welcome.


  1. haha. Those pics are great! And Sundance has always struck me as the most pretentious thing in Pretentiousland. I love indie movies but any event where Paris Hilton shows up, I'm automatically turned off. :)

  2. I totally agree about Sundance.

    It's all the people who pretend to be "deep" and "artistic" while really hoping to see someone famous who end up going.


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