Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life's for sharing

T’mobile’s new advent is amazing! I just saw it and am completely in love. I don’t care that almost all of these people were paid to do this.

It’s simply brilliant.

I can just imagine how this would have turned an ordinary day into something extraordinary.

This is what one of the people on youtube had to say:
I was waiting for my train at Liverpool Station, London....a guy starts dancing in the middle of the station! Then more and more people.. suddenly I was surrounded! Then I got dragged.. it was great..
I'd missed my train so I stayed for the next go (as they were doing it every 20 mins during the day) and had a proper go. Then finally I thought I'd video it.
It's on tv tomorrow at 21:10 channel 4 for a t mobile advert.. moto being 'lifes for sharing' and thats about all i know!! madness, but it made my day .. so weldone to them .. :)

Lucky bastard. lol

Here is another advertisement I really like. Even though I hate Pepsi, I'm glad to see them including gay men in their marketing.

It is only in the UK though since they seem to be much cooler about gays and sex in general. (You should see the people freaking out about this on youtube.)

Might as well throw in this pic I've been holding on to for a while:


I don't know who made it (I made the font bigger), but I love when anti smoking ads are clever.

Really I love when anything is clever. ;)


  1. That commercial was really cool it makes me want to randomly start singing for no reason.

  2. That T-Mobile 'mercial is pretty awesome. And even I like that anti-smoking ad, and I'm a smoker. I WILL keep taking rubbish in my mouth, sir. :)

  3. Great ad that!! its on all the time but still great!! The idea for it comes from that flash mobbing craze that was going about a while ago.

    Flashing Mobbing is cool me like!


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