Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here’s to Another Year without Self Restraint

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. I never have. To me it’s just some ridiculous crap we make up in order to force ourselves to think optimistically about the next 365 days we are going to waste on the daily grind. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a good idea to have goals and look to the future, I just don’t need some arbitrary day like New Years Eve to provide an opening. I tend to just think of what I want to get done or try throughout the year and this year I did actually set a few goals for myself. I am proud to say I actually finished one of them. (Did you get the urge to shout overachiever? I know I did…)

I wanted to read at least 50 books. That’s one a week with room for laziness and I am almost ashamed to say that I will break and maybe exceed 200 by time the year is out. My friends like to joke that I need to go to Reader Anonymous meetings or pick up a more controllable habit, like drinking, and I am starting to see their point.

~That was from my previous post Confessions of a Book Whore and I was right, I did break 200. I just typed up the list and it made me feel a little like a glutton. The sad thing is, I didn’t include the books that don’t involve heavy reading (i.e. cookbooks, design books, and art/craft books). I also tend to read a few magazines every month and have a weekly subscription to The Nation.

Once you throw in all the crap I read online, I look like a crazy nut. I’m sure I forgot some, but I am just going to ignore that fact like I do the urge to exercise or get up early.

1. Touch the Dark
2. Moon Called
3. Devoted
4. Dark Fever
5. Slave to Sensation
6. Behind Closed Doors
7. Bitten
8. Ask for it
9. Heart of Stone
10. Urban Shaman
11. The devil Inside
12. Storm Front
13. Blood Price
14. Blood Trail
15. Witchling
16. Changeling
17. Darkling
18. Visions of Heat
19. Strange Candy
20. Lolita
21. Bottomfeeder
22. House of Secrets
23. Midnight Mass
24. Immortal Highlander
25. Furies of Calderon
26. god is Not Great
27. The Rest Falls Away
28. Fool Moon
29. Cursor’s Fury
30. Academ’s Fury
31. Grave Peril
32. Blood Bound
33. Working for the Devil
34. The becoming
35. Dead Man Rising
36. Claimed by Shadows
37. House of Cards
38. Blue Belle
39. Embrace the night
40. Nightseer
41. Poison Study
42. Greywalker
43. Daughter of Blood
44. Blood Fever
45. Summer Knight
46. Captain’s Fury
47. Kitty and the Midnight Hour
48. Kitty Goes to Washington
49. Scent of Shadows
50. Dream Hunter
51. Twilight
52. Poltergeist
53. Kushiel’s Chosen
54. Dark Lover
55. Lover Eternal
56. lover Enshrined
57. The Darkest Night
58. Halfway to the Grave
59. The Devil You Know
60. One Foot in the Grave
61. Night Watch
62. New Moon
63. Death Masks
64. The Summoner
65. Lord of the Rings
66. Rises the Night
67. The Bleeding Dusk
68. When Twilight Burns
69. Name of the Wind
70. Nympho’s of Rocky Flats
71. The Devil’s Right Hand
72. Golden Compass
73. Subtle knife
74. Amber Spyglass
75. Smack
76. Story of O
77. Choke
78. Dead Witch Walking
79. The Good, the Bad, and the undead
80. Every witch Way
81. Fistful of charms
82. For a Few Demons more
83. The Outlaw Demon Wails
84. Guilty Pleasures
85. The Laughing Corpse
86. The Lunatic Café
87. Bloody Bones
88. The Killing Dance
89. Burnt Offerings
90. Blue Moon
91. Obsidian butterfly
92. Narcissus in Chains
93. Cerulean Sins
94. Incubus Dreams
95. Micah
96. Danse Macabre
97. The Harlequin
98. Blood Noir
99. Succubus Blues
100. Succubus on Top
101. Shella
102. Flood
103. Chronicles Of Narnia
104. interview with a Vampire
105. The Sorcerer’s Stone
106. Chamber of Secrets
107. Prisoner of Azkaban
108. Goblet of Fire
109. Order of the Phoenix
110. The Half Blood Prince
111. Deathly Hallows
112. Lullaby
113. Carrie’s Story
114. A Kiss of Shadows
115. A Caress of Twilight
116. Seduced By Moonlight
117. a Stroke of Midnight
118. Mistral’s Kiss
119. A Lick Of Frost
120. Dead After Dark
121. Survivor
122. Night Lost
123. Magic’s pawn
124. Blood Rites
125. Dead Beat
126. Iron Kissed
127. The Blood King
128. Kitty Takes a Holiday
129. Kitty & The Silver Bullet
130. Cast In Shadows
131. The Iron Hunt
132. Proven Guilty
133. White night
134. X Rated Bloodsuckers
135. Magic’s Promise
136. Stardust
137. Dauntless
138. Vampire Academy
139. Small Favor
140. Traitor to the Blood
141. Blood Ring
142. Spellbinder
143. Frostbite
144. Blood Engines
145. Hot Blooded
146. Cast in Courtlight
147. Magic’s Price
148. Something from the Nightside
149. Nightlife
150. Touch of evil
151. Good as Dead
152. 50 facts that should change the world
153. The Atheists Bible
154. A Game of Thrones
155. Faefever
156. Hell’s belles
157. marked
158. Agents of Light & Darkness
159. Dead to Me
160. the Demon you Know
161. Silk
162. Nightingales Lament
163. Jack the Giant Killer
164. Poison Sleep
165. After
166. The Turning
167. Succubus Dreams
168. Hands of Flame
169. Desmond
170. A Storm of Swords
171. A Clash of Kings
172. Hex & the city
173. Paths Not Taken
174. Bitterwood
175. The Host
176. The Awakening
177. Blood Drive
178. Dancing W/ Werewolves
179. The Society of S
180. Already Dead
181. A Rush of Wings
182. Sharper than a Serpent’s tooth
183. The other Brother
184. Hell to Pay
185. Truth and Concequences
186. Princeps Fury
187. Swallowing Darkness
188. Devil’s Due
189. Weavers of Saramyr
190. Lord of the Silver Bow
191. Literature Suppressed (Sexual Grounds)
192. Diablo
193. Traveling Vampire Show
194. Daemons are Forever
195. Deathstalker
196. Man With the Golden Torc
197. Sunshine
198. Printing by Hand
199. The Portable Atheist
200. Storm born
201. Afterimage
202. Diary

I have to say my favorites have to be The Dresden Files, Name of the wind, the Rachel Morgan series, and Magic’s Price. I thought Choke was freggin brilliant and Bitterwood had one of the most interesting worlds I’ve read before. Of course the most fascinating world would have to be the Something from the Nightside series hands down. A Game of Thrones and the Weavers of Saramyr both had a lot of the dirty backstabbing politics which I really love. Then there are Andrew Vachss’ books, which tend to leave me feeling satisfied, a little dirty and definitely wanting more. I also want to give praise to Bottomfeeder for making the most realistic book I've read about what it would be like to be a vampire (pretty much pathetically boring).

...So that's it and here’s to looking forward to all the books I get to read this year.


  1. Wow, you read more than I do! I've only read 13 of the books on your list. I've got a stack of books in the "Moon Called" series (that's probably not the actual series title, but I recognized the one I've read on your list) that I haven't read yet. I have the whole "Dark Lover" series. They make me blush :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and happy reading in 2009!

  2. Wow! That is damn impressive! I have to admit, I'm a bit of a Chuck Palahniuk nut as well. "Choke" is my favorite of his. How was "God Is Not Great?" I've been meaning to pick that one up; that and "The God Delusion." I'm currently reading Thomas Paine's "The Age of Reason" and it's kicking serious ass. :)

  3. I LOVE Chuck! My favorite book is probably Invisible Monsters with Choke in a close second. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. :)

    God is Not Great was…well, not so great. I just couldn’t get into it, but I would still say it’s worth giving it a try. Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for a certain book and later it becomes a fave so who knows. I will give it another chance I’m sure.

    I LOVED The God Delusion and Letter to a Christian Nation though. (Letter to a Christian Nation is awesome because it's like a short and simple God Delusion.)

    I have been meaning to get a copy of Thomas Paine’s collected works so I will put it at the top of my list. :)


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