Friday, January 23, 2009


So I tried to join Facebook forever ago and I hated it. None of my friends really use it and either I’m a total tard, or some of the features are needlessly difficult to figure out.

Today I gave it another shot (because it seems everyone uses it) and I have to say I feel pretty much the same about it. I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I’ve used myspace for so long, but it just seems weird.

I only found one of my friends and I’m having a hard time since I’m from San Diego but I’m in the Salt Lake City network or some trash.

I don’t freggin know.

I did find one cool thing though, Jews for Obama group. :)

So that's it. Just me whining about how hard it is for me to waste more time on a useless site instead of finding a job.

This blows.


  1. LOL! Seriously, fuck Facebook. I actually tried to delete my account two years ago but the prick Mark Zuckerberg won't let you! All you can do is "deactivate" your account. There's no escaping the iron fist of the Facebook.

    But that said, I'll look for you...

  2. Ok. :)

    My last name is Kelly. I don't know if that helps. lol


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