Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Every day Joe's

Listen regular Americans who never read this blog, I know you can’t help that public education is a joke and most of your intellectual learning comes from a bronze text fairy tale book, but can we at least pretend you are capable of complete thoughts?

I’m not asking for much, just put down the Budweiser and pick up a book. And if that’s too much to ask, then please PLEASE do not buy “news” magazines like the Globe.



Because when crazy liberal dark-siders see things like this, we can’t help but wonder what moron is actually reading things like this.

Don’t let it be you.

It’s bad enough you don’t have “faith” in that science bullshit or regularly use condoms to prevent your special brand of small minded redneck genes from multiplying.

But this is just beneath us as a nation.

(I saw this while waiting in line at the place where dreams go to die, also known as Wal-Mart… Hey, I’m poor don’t judge… I got so mad I ended up turning them all around and putting other magazines in front of them. :) Too bad it won’t stop the lunacy.)


  1. And the really dumb thing is that this isn't even a "new charge." Conservatives have been alleging this since the summer. Crazy fools.

  2. I know. I thought we would have moved past it by now.

    That's what I get for having faith in humanity. lol


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