Thursday, January 15, 2009

Devices and Desires

I just read the first book of the engineer series, Devices and Desires.

It was awesome. I couldn’t put it down and stayed up till five just so I could finish it. I thought it was especially interesting because it’s a fantasy book based on science instead of magic. It also has a lot of the evil back stabbing politics I seem to enjoy.

Here is what Amazon has to say:
When the engineering guild sentences Ziani Vaatzes to death for improving on its supposedly perfect specifications for mechanical toys, he manages to escape Mezentia and throws in his lot with its recently defeated enemy, city-state Eremia. In exile, Vaatzes sets up shop making weapons, but his real goal is to create a new kind of engine—one made of human components, designed to reunite him with his family. He painstakingly executes a slow-moving master plan involving love, betrayal and secrets among the two countries' leaders. The tragic aftermath of the climactic battle forces a rereading of all that went before. It takes some hard slogging to get through assiduously researched technical descriptions of everything from dressing a duke to hunting a boar, and a few too many coincidences and expository speeches mar Parker's otherwise exquisite feat of literary engineering.

Now I’ve read plenty of good books and I don’t usually feel the need to tell the world about them, but I am a little pissed at my library.

This is a trilogy. The spine even has “Engineer Trilogy” on it, so why the hell does my library get only the first book?

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me either. I’m crossed between being glad I can read the first book and then just annoyed.

I have an issue where I can’t really just buy books off the shelf. I don’t know why, but there is a part of me that has to research most things before I can buy it. With books it’s even worse since the cover is not a clear indication of what type of book it is. (Unless of course there are big muscley men and heaving bosoms involved.)

So that’s why part of me is happy. I get to test the waters and see how I like it. If I do like it, then there’s the annoyance of either buying a book I’ve already read or having the whole series, minus one.

Not only that, sometimes my library is missing only the second book.

WTF is that? Gives the impression the head librarian (or whoever the hell picks the books) needed a good laugh one day.

So that's it. I just wanted to bitch about my library. I probably shouldn’t considering I love the damn place and have like five books on hold, but I just can’t help myself.

So, get on top of your game random library people who don't read this blog!




  1. I don't use the library mainly because I live in a town so small that the public library is also the school library and they have a puny selection of books. It's not even worth the effort. So I buy used books. There's an awesome used book store about 20 miles away where you can buy them cheap, and trade them in when you're done if you like. It's almost like a library, only better!

  2. Maybe I shouldn't be complaining lol.

    Since Salt Lake is the biggest city in Utah, the city library system is pretty big. And that's not even taking the county libraries into account.

    On the flip side, Salt Lake has only one or two used book stores and they’re crappy. I had an awesome one I went to back in San Diego that I miss dearly.

    I have a problem with wanting to own every book I've read. My boyfriend says he refuses to move any of the book boxes anymore. lol

  3. I live in the Middle of Nowhere, so my library selection is probably worse than yours. I just buy books through Amazon, because most of the literary stuff I'm into is far too cool for my local yokel library. ;)

  4. yokel

    Amazon has a hard time shipping to my house for some reason so I use ebay.

    I LOVE ebay. It's like crack. :)

  5. I havnt used a Library since University, even then that was to get books that were like 40/50 pounds in the shops or online. Now i buy 99% of my books of amazon never new though always used, got some real bargains got one hard back book for 75p called A Colonial History of New Jersey (very specific i know) but i went back on amazon and it was selling used for £40!! I think it was cheap cos it was from a US Library!

    I have run out of room for books really need to get rid of some, but i hate that!

  6. I hope one day to have a whole room of books, so thank goodness Utah houses have basements. ;)


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