Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daily Obsession - Weezer

I can fickle with my love (just ask my boyfriend) and sometimes I just forget how much I love something. Then randomly, something reminds me of something else and in the mass confusion masquerading as my brain, I fall in love all over again.

Sorry if that didn’t make any sense.

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My point is that I am obsessing over Weezer today. I love bands that have unique sounds and Weezer definitely fits the bill. (Plus they have that hot geek thing going on that I love.)

Say it Ain’t So is the first song I ever heard from Weezer and it is one of my favorites:

Hash Pipe:

Beverly Hills:

I also really love Undone (the sweater song) but I couldn't find a good video to use. lol

My thanks to Haworth for reminding me :)


  1. Weezer rules! I'd have to say my favorite Weezer song is Buddy Holly. Great song and great video. :)

  2. Ditto Beezlebub Buddy Holly is a great song with a great video, also love the sweater song too.

    It really has been a while since i listened to any weezer! Are they still working?

  3. I know they released a song last year (in the summer maybe?)called Pork and Beans. lol

  4. Times are hard when you sing about Pork and Beans!!!!!


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