Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beware of the young doctor and the old barber

Tomorrow I will get back to regularly scheduled bitching and whining, but today I want ramble on about age.

Because it’s strange how a few years can make a big difference as long as it falls between certain ages.


Most of my friends in Utah are younger than me by a couple years. Even though it’s a small difference, I can go to the bars and they can’t which can be a major pain in the ass when it comes to some things (like certain music venues and the burlesque shows).

So my house is the place we usually end up partying at. It works out great for me since I never have to worry about a designated driver or a babysitter. And if I have to deal with the occasional puker, well I just remind myself that I love them and make sure everything’s okay.

My boyfriend and I have also started drinking with our next door neighbors. It's really amusing how the tables are turned when we’re with them, being as they’re in their late thirties and to them we're the youngsters. I've noticed there are quite a few distinct differences between the two groups.

One of the biggest, my friends drink my booze and we drink our neighbors. lol

My neighbors started out as Mormon and I noticed that the way they look at some things is still in line with the church’s conservative beliefs. My friends on the other hand, have always rebelled against the church and are as liberal as I am. (Well except for Kramer, but every group need a punching bag.)


They also have strict ideas about drugs (even marijuana), but my friends couldn’t give a rats ass unless it’s in the heroin/crack family. As long as it isn’t addictive, we pretty much don’t care. I personally don’t even consider marijuana a drug and think it’s hypocritical to sell alcohol and tobacco but not joints.

One of the biggest differences though, is the way my neighbors feel about homosexuality. They are way more homophobic than my friends are. I think it might be one of those generational issues, but they couldn’t even fathom watching gay porn. The idea of two men kissing grosses them out and they are the type of people that only understand the appeal of two women together.My friends, on the other hand, think it’s more of a different strokes for different folks type issue.

I also don’t talk about politics with my neighbors in case they’re even more conservative than I think, but politics is one of my favorite subjects to debate with my friends.

Thought that was interesting.

I did get to break in my pimp goblet with both groups last night though. :)

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  1. lol freinds are complicated, i have lots of freinds from so many different work places or classes at uni that it is impossible to bring them together. Thus i tend to just go drinking with my old work mates as thier more like me in ideals.

    I have so many gay friends its made mainly lesbians tho ;).

    Mixing politics and neighbours is not a good thing, keep it pure by sticking to booze and small talk!!!!


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