Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daily Obsession - Velvet Goldmine

Ok, to say that I love this movie would be but a drop of the magnitude of freggin awesomeness that is Velvet Goldmine. It combines a few of my loves: Glitter, music, Ewan McGregor and hot gay men. Need I say more?

Totally ripped this from wikipedia: The film centers on Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a bisexual glitter icon patterned after David Bowie, Jobriath and, to a lesser extent, Marc Bolan, Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry. Ewan McGregor co-stars in the role of Curt Wild, a glam-rock performer who doesn't back down from sex, nudity or drugs on or off stage, and whom many consider to be loosely based on Iggy Pop, with a dash of Lou Reed, Mick Ronson and Alice Cooper. Also featured are Christian Bale as a young gay glam rock fan and reporter, Arthur Stuart, Toni Collette as Slade's wife, Mandy, and Eddie Izzard as his manager, Jerry Devine.

That cast says it all.

(This is one of my favorite songs in the movie. It is pretty much the climax of the movie in that it transitions the evolvement of character relations. It’s Baby’s on Fire.)

(Another fave. Placebo: "20th Century Boy")

It's one of those movies that didn't make much money but is so bad ass you can't help but wonder why. Watch it. Love it.

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