Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazies with keypads

Edit: Oh, my. I went back to that crazy True Christian site again out of boredom and I had to share this, “Atheists drink goat enema and eat the flesh of aborted babies.” That was accompanied by this pic:


I looking through random picture on photobucket and I came across this stupid shit:



I know people are dumb, but give me a break. I mean, someone had to actually take the time to make these. The second one is just retarded and it's actually belittling to an omnipresent deity (I’ve always thought the Christians made their god small. He could have been so much more.)

It's the first one really frightens me though. I typed "atheist for christ" into yahoo and the only thing I could really find is a site made by Ken Schei called “Atheists for Jesus.” It is really just his attempt to show that you can respect the teachings of Jesus without resorting to Christianity or believing in god. Even though I think it’s idiotic, he still obviously grasps the meaning of atheism.

But then I found this website and I wanted to strangle someone. This is from True (I did not change the text in any way but to cut it down.)

What are Atheists? What do They Believe?

1.) Myth: Atheists have no belief in the Christian God or any of the false god of the other religions. It has nothing to do with hate.

Reality: Everyone including atheists know the Christian god, God is real. We know he is real since we call him God with a capital "G" -- that proves it right there.

2.) Myth: Atheists are very socially conscious and strive for humans to live in peace.

Reality: Atheists are all anarchist who hate everything and everyone. All atheists are out to forcibly remove God from the world and take Him out of the History of His Earth.

3.) Myth: On average atheists have higher IQs.

Reality: They are demons, meaning they are slaves to Satan. Since of this they don't think so thus have an IQ of 0.

3.) Myth: Atheists can live high moral lives. They can raise wonderful children, help the needy, provide food and shelter for the poor. They love to help humans since they don't believe in a god, so they instead turn to humanity for love and compassion.

Reality: Atheists live highly sinful lives and fill our state prisons. It's no wonder that 100% of our prisons our full of atheists. Any atheist who claims to be good is trying to act good to draw people to their religion. They will try to enter organizations to help the needy but rightfully will be turned down since everyone knows atheists are hateful and filthy bigots. When atheists start organizations for the needy us True Christians come along and dismember, and destroy their idolaterous buildings. These atheists enforce the Religion of Evolutionism onto these needy people before they give them food, demanding that they confess their alliegance to Satan. What kind of sick moran leaves a needy person in a cold like that with no solid help?

4.) Myth: Atheists are people to.

Atheists aren't even Real Citizens of America!! Take THAT YOU FILTHY BIGOTED GOD HATERS! You are ALL immoral communists and all dangerous threats to society with your divorce rates being 100% and your anti-Americanism obvious!
If you EVER make any friendly contact with an atheist, you will go STRAIGHT to Hell. Jesus will NEVER receive you, you fools. GOD HATES ATHEISTS WITH ALL HIS LOVE!
So the answer is simple. Kill all atheists immediately.

Atheists are the Vast Majority in the Public Education System and in the Judicial System. What do We do about that?

Firstly, never take your children to public school since you don't want them to be brainwashed by religious beliefs. Home school them and teach them only about the Bible and God's Love for all. Tell them the truth about atheism and they're religion: Evolutionism. Satan planted them in schools and things to make atheists look smart and appealing when the truth is they are all communists who wallow in their own vomit and lick the rectums of dogs. Since that's all atheists are, filthy stinky homosexuals who hate everyone. They should all die, as God orders us to kill them all.

WOW. It also goes on to say, “So if you miss a Sunday of Church you are to be killed since you are a filthy atheist then.”

The sad thing is there is even a myspace fan page for this word vomit. This video was on their myspace page and it's just special.


  1. "Atheists are all anarchist who hate everything and everyone."

    "They are demons, meaning they are slaves to Satan."

    Well, these two are true for me. Of course, I'm a step above mere demon- I AM SATAN! *evil laughter morphing into sincere laughter at the content of their website*

  2. filthy atheist. You will be exterminated immediately...

  3. "Satan planted them in schools and things to make atheists look smart and appealing when the truth is they are all communists who wallow in their own vomit and lick the rectums of dogs."

    yeah me and my college teachers do that kind of shit all the time.

  4. yeah... This people can't be for real.

    It's just too much.


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