Friday, November 14, 2008

Things to make you laugh

Since my job is ubber boring, we (the office gals) tend to watch a lot of random stuff on youtube. Whenever I see that someone before me is still logged in, I like to save random videos to their account. Mostly music I know they don’t like and the most retarded stuff I can find. Yes, because I’m pretty much a total ass.

The last time I got to do this was actually on Sunday. My mistress, a.k.a. Steve, and I were having way too much fun with this girl Victoria’s account and he showed me this video. It is completely ridiculous and the first time I saw it I was laughing so hard people will giving me crazy looks.

It’s from a boy called Dancing Drew Teaches You. He actually lives in Salt Lake and obviously has way too much time on his hands. Here is “The Milkshake” dance. It doesn’t really start till a minute in but my favorite part is at like a minute ten.

And I can’t really post a video without including the “grape lady.” If you haven’t seen this, then you’re missing out. This will make your day a little brighter, I promise. (55 seconds in…)



  1. Wow, i watched them both at the same time. Sounded like that grape lady got the wind knocked out of her, and that sucks. And how in 'gods'name did that child get on the bed to spy on his bro??????????????????

  2. They made a music video out of the sounds the "grape lady" makes and its out of control. lol

    Dancing Drew is a total tard but it makes me laugh.


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