Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Much to Touch (Poetry)

So Much to Touch

I miss the roughness of your hands
Against the softness of my skin
And the sweet and salty taste
Of your passion on my lips

The way that just one look
Can pierce the darkest levels of my soul
You treat me like a beggar
Leave me writhing on the floor

Make a map of trials across my body
With your fingernails and teeth
Just a little bit more pleasure
The hurt brings me to my peak

You pull tight back on my hair
When you are ready to receive
The beast I have within me
Is fed with your relief

Your facial hair across my stomach
Sends shivers down my spine
I wish I could consume you
In these moments you are mine

As soon as you get near me
With your sweet and musky scent
My body starts yearning
For the night to be well spent

So press yourself against me
Put some fire in my void
Remind me why I let you
Treat me like a soiled toy

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