Monday, November 10, 2008

Money Problems

I hate money. It is such a hassle and it seems like there is never enough to go around. Then every blue moon when we seem to have a little extra, it’s still not enough to take of the major things that always get put off.

I. Am. Tired. Of. It.

I don’t even want to be rich. I just don’t want to stress month to month that we can’t afford something or be stuck worrying about which bill has to be late this month so we can pay the bill late from last month. The stress is exhausting.

I can admit the main problem is my job. My job is super easy and I just got too comfortable working there, but I really need to work more hours. It’s just so hard to be motivated when I know that is just more time away from my family. At this point though, I have few options.

So Convergys it is. I’m not too excited to work phones again but I can make a lot more than my crappy wages now and they can offer the opportunity to work more hours.

I guess we all got to suck it up and do what needs to be done every now and again.

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