Saturday, November 8, 2008

Glad to be home

Work today was horrible. I know I shouldn’t complain since my job is usually pretty laid back, but today was INSANE. I work at a recreation center and I always explain it as doing absolutely nothing broken up by moments of complete utter shit. Well today, it was like a shitty torrential downpour.

We started indoor soccer today and the coordinator couldn’t come in to take care of the hundreds of problems we always have at the start of any program, so I essentially had to apologize over and over about things that weren’t my fault and could care less about.

Because honestly, I don’t care if your coach didn’t call you or your jersey is a little too big. Maybe if I did I would be a better employee, but I can’t bring myself to fret over a five dollar plastic trophy. Considering I am one of the best employees we got, you are pretty much screwed.

Then there was a rock wall birthday party no one knew about so I had to plead and beg one of the guys to come in so the kids could climb. Of course, the parents didn’t care that I wasn’t the one to blame, so on went my shoveling shit hat…

Now I am at home and I still can’t get out of this mood. You know what the really depressing thing is though?

I only worked three hours.

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