Friday, October 31, 2008

I am totally bitchy today

My son is driving me effing CRAZY. He is obsessed with the new ferret and he won’t leave her alone. Every second I turn my back he opens the cage and it becomes complete chaos as the dog turns into a crazed ferret eating monster. I should be thanful that he at least has the decency to give me fair warning by growling (the dog in this instance) which actually helps since he doesn’t bark or growl at all. I am pretty sure that’s a result of being deaf, but either way it kicks ass. Today it is worse than usual since I am baking like a mad man trying to get ready for our party tonight.

On tope of that, someone from work is trying to guilt me into working tonight. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Even though I’ve had most the week off, there is no way I am going in tonight. I got way too many things to do and this girl has serious work responsibility issues. She has so many “emergencies” I’m surprised the city hasn’t shut down yet. It’s totally insane.

Another thing that is bothering me (again) is Sarah Palin. God I hate her. I watched her interview with Nightline and I seriously wanted to hit someone. She tried to trash Obama about his infomercial by saying it was completely soft and scripted. Well it WAS, but that’s beside the point. I just find it hilarious that she has the audacity to try and ding Obama about being scripted. Give me a freggin break. I’m surprised she can put together even the most simple of thoughts without a teleprompter. Then she continued the overused rant that Obama is a socialist who wants to rewrite the constitution to redistribute the wealth. Jesus, do the people who cheer to this crap actually use their higher brain functions? I can’t stand how the words “socialist” and “liberal” have become these dirty words. Socialism really isn’t that bad if it is used appropriately. In fact, we have plenty of socialistic programs in place in America already. None of that matters though because it’s NOT true, but that’s not even the part that really irks me. It’s the fact that Alaska shares natural resource gains with its people. To break it down for anyone who hasn’t had an orgasmic epiphany reading that, that is essentially the definition of socialism. The government owns the means of production and distribution. So Sarah Palin can shove her last minute rants and lies where her good lord don’t shine cause I am not buying into it.


  1. Just hope there are enough of you who think similarly to send her back to her hillbilly was in Alaska.


  2. You poor possum!
    I don't blame you for venting either...that Palin chariture is a goose from the news feed we get over here in Australia. Still choice IS what makes life interesting someone once said.
    all the best from OZ.
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