Saturday, October 25, 2008

Having ovaries is not enough to qualify for my vote

I am really tired of having to defend my reasons for NOT voting for Sarah Palin simply because I’m a woman. It’s like we’re not even allowed to criticize her without being looked down upon or being labeled “catty.” It is not about being catty; it’s about her political positions and the fact I don’t agree with them. And yes, people shouldn’t be asking blatantly sexist questions, like what she plans on doing with her children if she does indeed become elected. But I can't help but feel that if she makes the decision to parade her children around, then we have the right to talk about them. If Sarah Palin doesn’t want them in the limelight, then she should keep them OFF the stage!

A lot of people are also upset about the 150,000 dollars that was spent on her and her family’s wardrobe since August. Some people joke that maybe this is her one woman economic stimulus plan and I can see their point.

Her people responded by saying, "With all of the important issues facing the country right now, it’s remarkable that we’re spending time talking about pantsuits and blouses."

But this is not about blouses; this is about an insane amount of money that was spent on clothes while Palin continues to pander to Middle America about how she is just like every other working class citizen and mother. Hearing her talk about Joe the Plumber and how we need a spending freeze while wearing Valentino is a little unsettling. And yes, we do need to be realistic and realize that being a woman in politics is a tough place. With journalist ready to take apart your every detail anyone is bound to feel pressure to look sharp, but acceptance of this amount of wasteful spending simply because she is a woman and it’s hard to be in the spotlight is actually the sexist move here. Not the other way around.

Campaign spending on personal expenditures has always been a politician’s sore spot (remember John Edward’s $400 haircuts?) but my problem isn’t with the amount in it’s self. It’s with the fact that 150,000 dollars of CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS was used. People are trying to blame this on the “liberal media” just twisting the facts, but the reason mutual articles aren’t being written about the Obama camp is because there are no such spendings. That doesn’t mean these guys don’t have personal tailors and probably their own stylists to help. It just means that they actually have their own money to afford such luxuries instead of using donations from college students to do so.

The amount spent on clothes is not reason enough not to vote for Sarah Palin. It is just another dent in the constructed public persona I am not buying into. I have no problem voting for a woman (like Clinton) as long as she truly believes in equality and not just the conservative Christian right’s idea of it. Sorry, but ovaries aren’t enough.


  1. What she does with the kids if elected... Redundant question, she'll never make it. Ovaries or not.


  2. I totally agree with you. I write at another blog,, where I wrote a similar article, "My Two Cents," about the sexist arguments against Palin. I'm holding my breath until Wednesday, hoping McCain doesn't pull a Rove/Bush 2000 and buy/steal the election. I think I'll move to Canada if that happens. I don't want to live in a country where McCain/Palin rule. blech.

    I like your blog, btw. My blogspot blog is, if you're interested.



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